Winemaking Team









Winemaking Team

Kerry Shiels is the winemaker for Côte Bonneville. Kerry received her Masters degree in Viticulture and Enology from U.C. Davis, then assumed the winemaker title in August, 2009. She has been immersed in DuBrul Vineyard and Côte Bonneville since 2005, under Stan Clarke’s tutelage and Co Dinn’s mentorship.

After earning her Engineering degree from Northwestern University in Chicago, she worked in Torino, Italy, in Fiat’s management development program. She was transferred to Case New Holland world headquarters in Chicago before deciding to enter the world of wine.

Kerry worked the 2006 vintage at Joseph Phelps Vineyards in Napa, the 2007 harvest at Tahbilk in Australia, followed by the 2007 vintage at Folio, Michael Mondavi’s Napa winery. During the 2008 harvest, Kerry served as the assistant white winemaker at Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa. She worked the antipodal harvest at Tapiz in Argentina in 2010, then returned to work full time at Côte Bonneville.

Kathy Shiels is the foundation of our enterprise. Kathy and Hugh Shiels planted the DuBrul Vineyard in 1992. With the realization that DuBrul is a unique vineyard, Kathy determined to establish Côte Bonneville when their last child went to college. Kathy’s vision is to showcase the spectacular fruit in world-class wines.

Kathy and Hugh settled in Sunnyside after Hugh completed his orthopedic residency. Kathy practiced Physical Therapy, raised three beautiful children on the family farm, and now wears many hats at the winery, vineyard and medical practice.

Kathy and Hugh are the cellar workers of Côte Bonneville. Kathy spearheads the marketing and sales for Côte Bonneville, now ably assisted by winemaker Kerry. And Kathy is CFO for the winery, vineyard and medical practice.

Hugh Shiels has been dubbed the Vineyard Master. Hugh and Kathy Shiels planted the DuBrul Vineyard in 1992. They purchased the property in 1991 then tore out the original apple orchard that winter. Their focus is to improve the vineyard every year, nurturing this spectacular site.

Hugh and Kathy settled in Sunnyside after Hugh completed his Orthopedic Surgery training in Memphis. They raised three beautiful children on their farm in Sunnyside. Hugh continues to practice orthopedics part-time.

Hugh works with vineyard manager Larry Dolan and the crew as they deal with the variables that winegrowing presents each year. In addition to his involvement in orthopedics and the DuBrul Vineyard, Hugh is intimately involved in the cellar work of Côte Bonneville. He loves to cycle.



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